Host Kris Lotlikar all dressed up for a podcasting session at the SSDP 2014 National Conference in Washington, DC.

Host Kris Lotlikar (left) and regular Kris Krane all dressed up for a podcasting session at the SSDP 2014 National Conference in Washington, DC.

Marijuana Today is a podcast about the business and politics of marijuana. It is a nerdy and in-depth discussion for those who want a behind the scenes look at the latest marijuana news.

Every week we aim to have the highest level conversation around about the latest developments in the marijuana industry, the politics of legalization, and the effectiveness of public policy. We find the new marijuana markets opening across the country and the fall of marijuana prohibition to be a unique and fascinating development which we will likely not see again in our lifetime. For this podcast, we bring together some of the top experts in the country in a variety of subject areas, many of whom have been working together to reform marijuana laws for a long time.

Host Kris Lotlikar brings almost two decades of experience being involved in marijuana politics at a strategic and tactical level. Having helped start Student for Sensible Drug Policy over 15 years ago, Kris has developed strong ties with a generation of activists who have gone on become the leaders in marijuana reform organizations and companies nationwide. Kris is also an expert on business and entrepreneurship, successful running the country’s leading provider of renewable energy with thousands of clients including 144 of the Fortune 500 companies.  He was one of the first to seriously evaluate marijuana markets and produced the first ever market report on the marijuana industry in 2011 (which is now in its 3rd edition). His experience with both the politics and economics of marijuana, along with his deep connections across the industry and movement, gives him a broad and critical perspective when discussing current events.

Producer Shea Gunther helped kick off the student drug reform movement in 1998 by founding Students for Sensible Drug Policy at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Since then, he’s built his career around media, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. He worked with Kris to start one of the nation’s leading providers of wind power and has been a top featured writer for the Mother Nature Network, the #1 environmental news site on the web, since its launch in 2009. He frequently consults on a wide range of topics in social marketing, editorial design, and media architecture. Shea is a truly multimodal designer and communicator and handles all the technical aspects of the show as well as maintaining the social media accounts and this website. He recently graduated from a back-to-school stint with a degree in computer science. You can find him on Facebook & Twitter and at SheaGunther.org.