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Marijuana Today is entirely made possible by the support of our sponsors, who provide financial support in exchange for exposure on this website and before and during the podcast. We take care in selecting which businesses we associate with and have a high degree of confidence in the integrity and exceptionalism of all of our sponsors.

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Title Sponsor: Eaze

Launched in 2014, Eaze is a technology platform which connects adult consumers with local licensed retailers for on-demand delivery of legal cannabis products. Our innovative software solutions give local cannabis businesses the tools they need  to build a legal and sustainable industry, while Eaze’s robust compliance team helps our retail and brand partners ensure every product and sale meets local and state regulations.


Break Sponsor: Dipstick Vapes is focused on bringing unique, innovative vaporizers and accessories to market. By focusing on the customer experience, Dipstick Vapes hopes to elevate the expectations of vaporizer companies and make concentrates more accessible to the average consumer.




News & Headlines Sponsor: Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, medical marijuana dispensary Om of Medicine is not just an entity— it represents an ideal.  Founded in 2010, Om of Medicine strives to uniquely serve the patients of Michigan by offering a state-of-the-art facility and providing world class service, amenities, and education. We offer private, one-on-one consultations to ensure that each patient receives the time and attention they deserve. There truly is no place like Om.