The Regulars


You’re wondering what we all look like, aren’t you?

Marijuana Today is hosted by Kris Lotlikar, Dan Goldman, and Kris Krane and produced by Shea Gunther. Our regulars are leaders in the worlds of marijuana business, politics, and activism and have decades of experience working to bring about a change in the way our nation deals with cannabis.

• Dan Goldman

Dan is a legendary grassroots organizer for marijuana reform.

Episodes with Dan: Ep1, Ep3, Ep5, Ep9, Ep13, Ep15, Ep17, Ep18, Ep20, Ep23, Ep25, Ep27, Ep29, Ep31, Ep33, Ep34, Ep39, Ep41, Ep48, Ep50, Ep52, Ep54Ep56Ep60, Ep62, Ep63, Ep67, Ep69, Ep74, Ep75, Ep81, Ep82, Ep85, Ep87Ep92, Ep99, Ep100, Ep105, Ep111, Ep113, Ep114 , Ep118, Ep121Ep129, Ep133, Ep137Ep138, Ep139, Ep142, Ep143, Ep147, Ep148, Ep149, Ep150, Ep152, Ep155, Ep158, Ep160, Ep163, Ep169, Ep170, Ep172, Ep173, Ep175, Ep176, Ep177, Ep178, Ep181, Ep182, Ep183, Ep185, Ep186, Ep189, Ep192Ep193, Ep194, Ep195Ep196, Ep198Ep200Ep201, Ep204, Ep206, Ep207, Ep208Ep210, Ep211, Ep212, Ep214, Ep216, Ep219, Ep220Ep221, Ep222, Ep225, Ep228, Ep229, Ep233, Ep234, Ep235, Ep237, Ep238, Ep239, Ep240, Ep242, Ep243, Ep245, Ep247, Ep248, Ep249, Ep250, Ep251, Ep252, Ep255, Ep256, Ep257, Ep260, Ep261, Ep262, Ep264, Ep265, Ep267, Ep268, Ep269, Ep272, Ep273

• Kris Krane

Kris is the Managing Director of 4Front Advisors.

Episodes with Kris: Ep1, Ep3, Ep5, Ep11, Ep12, Ep13, Ep15, Ep18, Ep21, Ep24, Ep25, Ep28, Ep34, Ep39, Ep43, Ep47, Ep50, Ep54, Ep61, Ep65, Ep73, Ep77Ep82, Ep84, Ep100Ep113, Ep115Ep121Ep130Ep137, Ep141, Ep144, Ep152, Ep153, Ep155, Ep158, Ep164, Ep168, Ep177, Ep184, Ep186, Ep190Ep197, Ep201, Ep203Ep206Ep208Ep213Ep219, Ep232, Ep236, Ep237, Ep241, Ep245, Ep248, Ep252, Ep254, Ep260, Ep262, Ep264, Ep266, Ep271,

• Adam Smith

Adam is a movement veteran who helped found Students for Sensible Drug Policy and who is the founder and executive director of the Craft Cannabis Alliance.

Episodes with Adam: Ep1, Ep4, Ep6, Ep9, Ep10, Ep15, Ep17, Ep20, Ep22, Ep25, Ep30, Ep38, Ep44, Ep49, Ep51, Ep54, Ep68, Ep71, Ep79, Ep84, Ep88, Ep100, Ep103Ep113Ep118, Ep128, Ep129, Ep132Ep137, Ep138, Ep140, Ep142, Ep145, Ep147, Ep150, Ep151, Ep157, Ep159, Ep163, Ep175, Ep178, Ep181, Ep183, Ep185, Ep187, Ep193Ep198, Ep218Ep225, Ep230, Ep232, Ep239, Ep240, Ep246, Ep249, Ep250, Ep252, Ep256, Ep268, Ep273,

• Taylor West

Taylor is Senior Communications Director for COHNNABIS and the former Deputy Director of National Cannabis Industry Association.

Episodes with Taylor: Ep2, Ep6, Ep10, Ep16, Ep21, Ep27, Ep36, Ep41, Ep49, Ep64, Ep79, Ep85, Ep88, Ep96, Ep124Ep132, Ep136, Ep143, Ep149, Ep154, Ep166, Ep171, Ep188Ep194, Ep200Ep208, Ep210Ep222, Ep231, Ep235, Ep242, Ep255, Ep259, Ep260, Ep263, Ep265, Ep269, Ep272,

• Andrew Livingston

Andrew is a Policy Analyst at Vicente Sederberg LLP.

Episodes with Andrew: Ep2Ep7, Ep11, Ep16, Ep20, Ep26, Ep30Ep37, Ep45, Ep48, Ep56, Ep61Ep66Ep71Ep75, Ep83Ep87, Ep90, Ep98, Ep110, Ep115, Ep131Ep136Ep138, Ep140, Ep141, Ep145, Ep150, Ep153, Ep166, Ep170, Ep171, Ep174, Ep176, Ep180, Ep183, Ep189Ep195, Ep196, Ep199Ep214, Ep223, Ep232, Ep236, Ep243, Ep246, Ep251, Ep266, Ep270,

• Tom Angell

Tom is Executive Director of Marijuana Majority and publisher of Marijuana Moment.

Episodes with Tom: Ep3, Ep5, Ep33, Ep84Ep114Ep130, Ep135, Ep153, Ep168,

• Betty Aldworth

Betty is Executive Director of Student for Sensible Drug Policy.

Episodes with Betty: Ep4, Ep11, Ep26, Ep38, Ep43, Ep45, Ep54Ep60, Ep62, Ep66Ep69Ep77Ep81, Ep83, Ep92Ep101Ep114Ep118Ep124, Ep141, Ep148, Ep151, Ep156, Ep160, Ep162, Ep165, Ep168, Ep176, Ep179, Ep184, Ep191, Ep197Ep201Ep208Ep211, Ep221, Ep232, Ep234, Ep243, Ep245, Ep250, Ep260, Ep261, Ep263, Ep271, Ep273

• Alex Kreit

Alex is a Professor of Law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

Episodes with Alex: Ep6, Ep9, Ep16, Ep21, Ep26, Ep31, Ep39, Ep42, Ep47, Ep51, Ep54, Ep62Ep66Ep73Ep98, Ep101, Ep130Ep133Ep139, Ep142, Ep148, Ep152, Ep156, Ep174, Ep178, Ep182Ep192, Ep197Ep216, Ep228, Ep235, Ep238, Ep257, Ep261, Ep267

• Troy Dayton

Troy is the Chief Executive Officer of the Arcview Group.

Episodes with Troy: Ep10, Ep24, Ep37Ep63, Ep76

• Shaleen Title (on hiatus)

Shaleen is a long time activist, entrepreneur, and current member of Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission.

Episodes with Shaleen: Ep13, Ep36Ep60Ep69Ep124, Ep153, Ep213

• Jane West

Jane is one of the leaders in Colorado marijuana scene, the founder of Women Grow, and runs Jane West Enterprises.

Episodes with Jane: Ep40Ep47Ep60Ep67Ep74Ep99, Ep176Ep193,

• Scott Cecil

Scott is a longtime activist and current Operations Associate at Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

Episodes with Scott: Ep165, Ep170, Ep175, Ep181, Ep188, Ep190, Ep193Ep204Ep207, Ep208Ep212Ep221, Ep229, Ep232, Ep233, Ep236, Ep241,

Photo credit: Pascal/Flickr